Days before Hattie turned one month old her parents noticed that something was wrong when she started to turn blue, and her small body became limp. They later learned that she was having seizures that made her look like she stopped breathing. After five more episodes, a week in the NICU, and many genetic tests Hattie was diagnosed with a very rare genetic condition called 1q43-1q44. This means that Hattie was born missing a piece of her 1st chromosome. It is extremely rare and there are only 55 known reported cases of this deletion in the entire world. 

Hattie received a stander and activity chair from Numotion. “Before we got this activity chair, Hattie wasn’t able to sit up and play with her toys. We would try and set her up on our bed, surrounding her by pillows, but she would eventually face plant into the pillows or arch back. Now that we have this Special Activity Chair she can literally play in it for hours! The stander is helping Hattie learn to put weight into her legs. It is pretty cool seeing her stand up for the first time.”

“Since we have gotten her activity chair her personality has changed. We have seen her truly play with her toys. Now she can sit in her activity chair and play in it for hours. It also has wheels so I can wheel her around the house wherever I am. It has been a life changer,” said Abby.

Hattie’s mom Abby, said that she enjoys working with her Numotion ATP Andrew, saying that he is very knowledgeable about the equipment and super helpful. “He was very patient with us and made sure we had the necessary knowledge to make sure Hattie was comfortable in her stander and activity chair.”

Hattie loves music and her dogs. She is two years old and has overcome obstacles already. “We see how far Hattie has come and the potential she has to grow even more,” said Hattie’s mom. “We can’t wait to see what Hattie accomplishes in just another two years and just from what we’ve seen these past few months, we know she is going to blow us away.”