Heidi is a congenital quadrilateral amputee meaning she was born without the lower part of her arms or legs. But that has never stopped her from excelling at anything she sets her mind to accomplish.

From four to thirteen Heidi used a manual wheelchair as her means of mobility and depended on her mom and sisters to get her from one place to the next. Now at fourteen Heidi is using a power chair and loves the independence. “When I got my new chair it changed my entire outlook on life. Before I always had to go where others would take me but now I can go where I want to go when I want to go. I can walk beside my friends instead of in front of them or behind them.”

Robert, Heidi’s ATP has been with them since the beginning and was a huge difference maker when they were working to get Heidi’s chair. “If it weren’t for Robert I believe that Heidi would not have this chair today. He was willing to help us get the chair Heidi wanted which wasn’t the easiest chair to get. He went above and beyond to make sure we had all of the information we would need to qualify to get Heidi’s new chair.” said Heidi’s mom, Dawn.

Heidi is the President of her eighth-grade class, a talented piano player, and writer. Her family and friends have always encouraged her to do whatever she wants to do. Heidi is in no way hindered by her limb difference and proves that nothing is impossible when you set your mind to it. Heidi can walk on her knees, can do cartwheels, run, skip and get up and down stairs on her own. Heidi’s mom said, “If I could give any advice to families with similar situations I would say to never put limits on your kids. Let them try because they will probably figure out a way. Heidi is a very capable young woman and anything she puts her mind to she succeeds. Heidi doesn’t limit herself. So why should anyone else?”