We know your mobility and independence are critical to you. For those of you with open orders, please know that we continue to do everything we can in working with our suppliers to ensure timely delivery of your mobility equipment or parts needed for a repair. We may occasionally need to adjust a previously communicated delivery date as component delays continue. Thank you for using Numotion and for your patience as we all work through these highly challenging global supply chain issues. 

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Response: What you Need to Know

Jake is two and a half years old from Kentucky. He is one of four children and was added to his family through the gift of domestic adoption, with his family claiming, “Jake is the best part of us!” At four months old, Jake began experiencing movement difficulties as well as developmental delays and feeding difficulties and was diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

Jake is non-verbal and dependent for all mobility and basic care needs. He receives physical, occupational, and speech therapies, as well as developmental intervention and vision-impaired preschool services.  Jake is learning sign language and uses hand gestures and pictures to choose and communicate his wants and needs. “But through it all Jake is funny, mischievous, engaged, growing, and learning!  His laugh is contagious, and he is very curious about his world.  He is a joy and delight to us and everyone who knows him.  He loves deeply, plays passionately, and thrives with his daily routine,” said Jake’s mom, Melisa.

Numotion has been a part of Jake’s journey since the fall of 2021. After working with their physical therapist and Numotion ATP to assess Jake’s needs, Jake received his first wheelchair as well as a Sleep Safe Bed. Melisa said, “Aaron Block did an incredible job identifying Jake’s positioning needs, measuring him accurately, determining the most appropriate devices and accessories to give him a great quality of life and ability to participate well in our family life.”

Jake’s wheelchair provides amazing independence for him said his mom. “With his wheelchair, he can access areas of our home and community that he previously could not, including his sibling’s rooms, the bathroom area, and the front porch, which he loves!  He can go for walks in our neighborhood and be positioned upright comfortably to engage with his environment.  During family activities, he can sit at the table with us to participate in family game night, socialization, play, and cooking activities with his family. His Sleep Safe bed has changed his sleep experience completely. It keeps him safe, comfortable and is such a blessing to our family. The windows on the side allow us to see Jake and monitor him for seizure activity without interrupting his sleep.  What peace of mind and help it provides Jake and our entire family!”

Melisa and her family describe their experiences with Numotion as “stellar.” She describes how CCC, Amber communicated with them regularly and gave them updates about their equipment orders and said it made them feel involved in the process and they never had to wonder where their order was or feel unheard.

“We are thankful for Numotion and their commitment to families.  Our experience with obtaining our equipment was smooth, and we were always reassured that the employees were working behind the scenes to ensure everything was completed accurately and successfully,” said Melisa. “In a world where medical care is often very difficult to navigate, and parents often feel they have to ‘fight’ to receive the basics of care their child should receive, it was a pleasure to work with a company who gets it.”