Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

Jamie is a 53 year-old-man with SMA. He has a lot of interests in life and is driven to learn and build things. He especially loves computers because they allow him to do the same things as everyone else.  

Jamie recently received a new Permobil F5 and when asked what he likes best about it he said, “It is a really smooth ride and I love my new seat elevator, which is absolutely necessary.” Jamie added, “To be able to go shopping and reach the high shelves with a seat elevator is like a whole new world opening up to me. It also changes the way I interact with people as I feel like now I’m talking with others as opposed to being talked down to.

Jamie’s ATP, Desmond, has been working with him since Desmond became an ATP back in 2006. “I have always admired Desmond for his approach towards looking for solutions,” said Jamie. “I experience limitations with what I can do in life, so I try to figure out the best way around them. That is why I like my wheelchair so much because it gives me a lot more freedom and it is customized to fit me physically and mentally.”

“One of my pet peeves is when someone says that I’m confined to a wheelchair,” said Jamie. “I like to help them see things from my perspective – this wheelchair is not what is holding me back, it is helping me do as much as I can!”