We know your mobility and independence are critical to you. For those of you with open orders, please know that we continue to do everything we can in working with our suppliers to ensure timely delivery of your mobility equipment or parts needed for a repair. We may occasionally need to adjust a previously communicated delivery date as component delays continue. Thank you for using Numotion and for your patience as we all work through these highly challenging global supply chain issues. 

Numotion's COVID-19 
Response: What you Need to Know

When Jessica received her M300 Permobil Power Chair, her independence increased immensely. She had been confined to her bed for weeks by her multiple sclerosis and was unable to spend time with her son outside of her bedroom.

Jessica’s power chair enables her to pick her son up from school and attend to his needs at home. She specifically thanked her Numotion service coordinator, ATP, customer care coordinator and service technician for getting her the new chair, and the kindness they showed along the way.
“I am so happy with my chair! First thing I did was grab my three-year old and we rode up and down the driveway, and the next day, we went riding in our neighborhood for half an hour! Other than in my bed, I haven’t been able to have alone time with him like that in months. I can really tell he has enjoyed seeing me out of my bed.”