Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

Jojo is a happy, third-grader who loves music and school. Despite being born at 33 weeks his mom had a seemingly normal pregnancy. Sometime after he was born he suffered a grade 4 brain bleed that resulted in the official diagnosis of spastic cerebral palsy at one year old.
Jojo uses Numotion for all of his mobility equipment. “We have worked with Assistive Technology Professionals, Will, and Bobby for a long time and we can always count on them to get JoJo the equipment he needs,” said JoJo’s mom.
Jojo has received a wheelchair, adaptive stroller, gait trainer, stander and activity chair. “All of his equipment from Numotion makes it easier for him to play at school and with his cousins. It also allows us to include him in everything. He can sit at the dinner table with us, play around the house – he is never excluded,” said Jojo’s mom.
His family wants to give JoJo the opportunity to try all different kinds of equipment that could make life a little easier for him and they are thankful that Numotion can help them with that.