Jordan is a 19 year-old with cerebral palsy who is about to start his freshman year at Texas State University, majoring in computer science. While Jordan is very excited about this next chapter of his life, he admits he is a little nervous about navigating a new environment. “As exciting as it is, I am a bit nervous,” said Jordan. “While I am a little nervous about moving out and living on campus, there are also other challenges that I might have to face that aren’t very typical for the average college student.”
Jordan will need to learn how to best navigate his new college campus and complete some everyday tasks that are a bit more challenging for him. “As the days go by though, I am beginning to feel even more confident, especially after visiting the campus,” said Jordan.
He attributes a lot of his enthusiasm and confidence to his high school experience. “If anything, high school is what is going to help me through this transition,” said Jordan. “It is there that I learned that anything can be achieved as long as you remain focused on your goals.”
Jordan’s mom, Trisha, shared that his manual wheelchair also makes a huge difference and allows Jordan to be even more independent. “We look to others for guidance and assistance,” said Trisha. “I am glad Jordan’s ATP, Michael, and the staff at Numotion have gone out of their way to make Jordan’s transition to college, and independence, much easier.”

Since Jordan’s diagnosis at nine months old, Trisha has been advocating for her son to provide him with the best care and equipment. “I can’t remember when we heard about Numotion, however, we have been working with Michael for several years,” said Trisha. “Michael is very knowledgeable. He understands his client’s needs and works effectively and efficiently to ensure Jordan’s needs are met. I am pleased to know someone who has compassion for their clients and a passion for what they do.”

Trisha added, “Whether he knows it or not, Michael is quietly improving his patient’s quality of life and improving their chances at independence. Jordan is an excellent example of that.”