Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

“Physically being on the same level as my classmates reminds them and myself that I’m not different. If anything I have more insight. I was insecure about if my abilities were going to be questioned, but now I know I’m more than capable and anyone with doubts can watch me in action.”
       - Julia

Julia is a thriving, smart and hilarious twenty-something taking medical school by storm.

Six years ago, Julia’s life was changed forever by a motorcycle accident. But she never let incomplete paraplegia stop her from achieving her dreams – becoming the first female paraplegic general surgeon. First, like all doctors, she has to prove herself in medical school.

The Tek Robotic Mobility Device (RMD) allows Julia to stand at eye-level with her classmates and professors and see the entire lab table. The Tek RMD’s small footprint gives Julia access to the entire lab, with minimal accommodation necessary. And the one-handed navigation allows her to carry a clipboard and necessary equipment around the lab. Julia looks forward to eventually using the Tek RMD on the surgery stage.