Kania has been a fighter since birth. Born with a hole in her stomach, she underwent surgery at two months old to fix the abnormality. Unfortunately, as a result of multiple breathing tubes and going into cardiac arrest, Kania sustained a brain injury. At a year old she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Fast forward a few years and Kania, now five, is just as loving and happy-go-lucky as ever. She is non-verbal and depends on a gait trainer or wheelchair to get around.

Kania’s mom Kieara, said, “Kania is one of five and is the middle child. She loves her three sisters and brother and is able to learn and pick up things very quickly. She communicates by shaking her head no and looking up for yes. She laughs about everything.”

Kania was in a stroller for a long time before she outgrew that and was fitted for a wheelchair and gait trainer. She loves her newfound independence and can now do anything a typical five year old can do.

“I remember before Kania received her mobility equipment, she was sitting on the couch one day as her sisters were running back and forth playing in front of her,” said Kieara. “She started crying because she wasn’t able to join in the fun. Now that she has her gait trainer, she is able to play with her siblings and it makes her so happy. These devices are life changing.”

Kania’s ATP, Chad, was the one who helped fit her for her new chair and gait trainer. Kieara said, “Chad is the best. He is very sweet and knows the equipment so well. He has provided advice and examples of chairs to help guide us through this entire process.”

“Numotion makes such an impact on people’s lives,” said Kieara.