“I feel that because of the Tek RMD I will be able to meet and play with my grandchildren. Right now the best thing is that I’m standing and get to move all around my home independently. I have complete use of my arms while I do it. From cooking to laundry, it’s very functional.”
       - Karen

Karen is a mother to three young adults, an advocate for the disabled community and a territory manager for Numotion. She keeps up with a busy schedule but understands the importance of looking after her health. Purchasing the Tek Robotic Mobility Device (RMD) is helping her accomplish personal and professional goals.

Karen was most excited to talk to her children and their friends at eye-level. They have seen her use stationary standers for years, but jaws dropped when they saw her navigate their home while standing. Karen strives to stand for three hours a day, three days a week. She preaches the health benefits that come with being upright, especially increased blood circulation and improved bone density.