Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

Katelynne is happiest when she is outside breathing in the salty air from the Cape. She is very active and is outside hiking or running whenever she gets the chance and if the weather is bad she said you can find her in the gym.
She is a retired rower that competed for team USA in 2014 and also won a silver mdeal at the Paralympics trials in 2016. After retiring from rowing she has taken up long-distance running and hand cycling.
Katelynne has been a Numotion customer since 2013 when she received her Ti-Lite manual wheelchair. As a very active person, Katelynne needed a chair that would allow her to get outside and run long distances and hike. “I would never switch from a Ti-Lite. I have been very happy with this brand.”
She works closely with Numotion seating technician, Dave and has nothing but nice things to say about him, “he is wonderful and he gets the job done efficiently. I can reach out to him and know that he will get things done. He always makes it work for me to get on his schedule. Dave is just thoughtful knowing that we are active and independent people and he is very respectful of our lives,” said Katelynne.
Katelynne has a service dog named Jones who helps her to live independently. “I couldn’t live without a working wheelchair and working service dog. It truly transforms life from just existing to truly living. I don’t think of myself as being held back because I am in a wheelchair. The wheelchair is just the vehicle in which I am living,” said Katelynne. Our sponsored service dog in training had a chance to chat with Katelynne’s service dog, Jones. Jones has social media so give him a follow on Facebook and Instagram to keep up to date with his adventures.
When Katelynne is not outdoors she spends her time working with a Veterans organization where she runs a program and has public speaking engagements geared towards disability awareness, adaptability, service dog etiquette and encouraging anyone with a disability to live the best life they can.