Liam is an energetic eleven-year-old from Charlotte, NC living with Reflex Neurological Dystrophy. Thanks to the help of CRT like SoftWheels, Liam can now do things he never dreamed possible.

“I am in sixth grade,” said Liam. “I am a homebound student, which means I am taught by the state. When I grow up I want to be a doctor and specialize in reflex neurological dystrophy.”

In his manual chair, Liam experiences severe pain when he goes over uneven terrain. However, he is determined to not let that slow him down despite his chronic condition.

“The problem with the normal wheelchair I used to have is every time I would go over even the smallest bump in the road it would kill my back and legs,” said Liam. 

Through his own research, Liam came across SoftWheels. He was instantly hooked and willing to do whatever it took to get his own set. “I searched wheels with shock absorbers and saw a video on SoftWheels,” recalls Liam. “I called my mom over and said ‘Mom, I don’t care what I have to do. Please, I need to get these wheels.’”

Liam’s mom Carainn remembers the moment well. “It was phenomenal. We were blown away by SoftWheels. We must have watched that video three or four times that day.”

In just a short time, SoftWheels have made a positive difference in Liam’s life. “I went to a summer camp. There were a ton of different terrains. It went from asphalt that was bumpy to gravel with a ton of holes. Then I went up a really steep concrete road and a wood ramp, and I found them all to be very smooth.”

Wherever Liam’s future leads, he sees SoftWheels as being a big part of it. “I believe that SoftWheels are a part of my future and I believe that I am going to use them for a very, very long time,” said Liam. “If there was a star rating with 10 stars on it I’d give SoftWheels 25 stars.”