Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

Lionel lives in Dallas, Texas with his wife, Jakayla, their two dogs Jettson and Ellie Bleu, and their cat Patsy. Lionel became a t11 paraplegic due to a car accident that occurred the day after his 18th birthday on January 5th, 2007.
Numotion has been a part of Lionel’s mobility journey since his injury. In his 15 years as a Numotion customer, he describes his experience as being a learning experience. “There are always things that they're learning or that I'm learning when it comes to wheelchairs or just equipment for people with disabilities. My team has always been kind to me and allowed me to ask questions about different things and have found answers for me when needed. I always feel like I'm in great capable hands,” said Lionel.
As a wheelchair user of 15 years, Lionel finds greater independence with his wheelchair. “I find that being able to move around and venture out with my wheelchair gives me the greatest feeling of independence,” said Lionel. “It allows me to be mobile and to experience life and not feel like I'm limited to just my house. Being able to use my Numotion equipment has given me the ability to continue moving forward with this life journey that I'm on.”
The process of obtaining equipment can be lengthy, Lionel said that thanks to his Numotion team he has stayed informed of where they are at in the process. “Numotion has changed a lot of things with their process, for the better especially when it comes to informing me about my equipment and when it will arrive or when I need to come into the location. A lot of the times when I get a call about issues with my insurance I am informed of the details and told what I may need to ask the insurance company but they (the person calling to inform me) also will contact them as well to do their follow-ups. This makes for a smoother process.”
Lionel is a member of our Customer Advisory Board, a forum of diverse individuals who share direct customer insights with Numotion regarding experiences and perspectives, as well as provide ideas and guidance resulting in lasting positive change at Numotion and the CRT industry as a whole.
“This experience has been an amazing one. I have met and seen different people who understand the different things that I go through. The chance to be able to share our voices and concerns, as well as ways to possibly change the process of things has been amazing,” said Lionel. “I see the little changes that we've already talked about in some of our meetings coming to light and it's awesome. I just hope that we can continue providing a voice and sparking growth and more change within Numotion.”