Londyn loves music, dancing, being read to, putting blocks together, chasing her brother and sister around the house and playing in the water. She was born in September of 2015 at full term and was a healthy and colicky baby.

“We quickly identified she wasn’t meeting milestones at six months,” said Londyn’s mom Jenna. “She wasn’t sitting up independently and didn’t start crawling until 15 months.” Londyn started physical therapy at nine months old and her parents began taking her to specialists to figure out why her motor skills were delayed.

“After months of tests the doctors concluded they didn’t have enough research on the specific gene change (RAB5C) Londyn has,” said Jenna. “Neither Adam, Londyn’s dad, or I carry it, which adds to the complexity. You hear of rare diseases and syndromes; that could be Londyn. But they just don’t have enough information. So, we chug along. And keep movin’ and groovin’ and celebrating each little success.”
Londyn received her first walker from Numotion this past December to help with her mobility. “The walker has been a huge blessing in her life and allows her to explore her surroundings more freely, just like any child her age,” said Jenna. “She squeals and has the biggest smile on her face when she’s in it. She feels free and is so proud of herself!”
Lynn, Londyn’s ATP, came highly recommended by her physical therapist. “Lynn did a great job explaining everything to us and worked with us to expedite the process,” recalls Jenna.

While Londyn and her family still don’t have answers, they remain positive. “We say Londyn is our own little unicorn – unique and special. She brings so much joy to our family and everyone around her,” said Jenna.