Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

Nick was in his early 20s when diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The disease progressed rapidly, causing spasms in his legs and weakening his core muscles. It had been 461 days since he last stood, ending with the delivery of his F5 Stander, his Power Standing Wheelchair.
“Nick, his wife, Chelsea, and young daughter, Jada, were nothing but smiles. Jada was too young to remember her dad standing, so she started referring to him as ‘Stand-Up Daddy’ when he was upright. His wife was most excited to put her head on his chest and hug him.”
       -Nick’s Assistive Technology Professional
Nick’s F5 Stander has greatly improved his quality of life and self-esteem. He uses the standing function to help in the kitchen with dishes and cooking. He also picks up Jada from the bus stop and gives her rides back to the house.
Nick said that Numotion gave him the gift of hugging his wife.