“My nieces and nephews saw me in it for the first time and were amazed. It was wonderful to get a lot of stand-up kisses and hugs.” - Thomas

Thomas is a Vietnam veteran. He has used a wheelchair or walker for about 10 years. Since receiving his Tek RMD, he has found some unexpected benefits: standing allows his lungs to take bigger breaths, his shoulder and chest muscles have loosened, and he can move his neck and head more easily.

Thomas is amazed at how easy the Tek is to maneuver around his home, in and out of his car and up and down ramps.

“There are no words to describe standing up after sitting down for a long, long time. Mike (Assistive Technology Professional ) and the entire Numotion team get an A+ for being very, very positive, helpful and instructive. Mike understood the equipment and was able to answer any question I had, at any time of day.” - Thomas