Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

Thomas is a U.S. Marine Veteran who loves sports and lives a very active lifestyle. After he was injured on duty twenty years ago he resumed his active lifestyle participating in adaptive sports like adaptive golf, basketball, and archery.

Thomas first heard about the Tek RMD when a friend sent him a video of someone doing everyday tasks like cooking and cleaning while standing in the Tek RMD. Thomas contacted the VA requesting the mobile standing device but they were unable to provide him with the Tek RMD because they were unaware of service centers who could facilitate repairs. That’s when Numotion got involved, Thomas contacted a Physical Therapist he knew who told him that Numotion sold the standing device and could service it if needed. Thomas took this information back with him to the VA and soon after they scheduled a demonstration at a rehabilitation center.

“The Numotion team has been great. They provided the VA and myself with the necessary information that was needed for me to receive the Tek RMD” said Thomas, “They provided quick service and worked alongside me to get this equipment.”

Thomas’ ATP, Chris, said “I am a Veteran as is Thomas and there is a connection between us that can only be defined as a Veteran to Veteran connection. I am extremely proud as an ATP and as a Veteran to assist in making a difference in his life.”

Thomas has CRT equipment that he is able to use when he is participating in sports but was lacking equipment that would help him be more independent in his home “I have standing devices that I use when I play golf or compete in archery competitions, but I didn’t have equipment that would allow me to stand and cook in my kitchen or vacuum my living room. I am most looking forward to using the Tek RMD at a ballgame or concert and stand to be able to see it as able-bodied people do.”

Thomas is an active member of the Veteran community and shares how the Tek RMD has improved his independence whenever he gets the chance. “I know many Veterans who would benefit from this technology and want them to have the chance to experience the kind of independence I do.”