Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

Tina is a wife, mother, grandmother and an Army Veteran. SSG Tina, US Army Retired, served our country for eight years while raising two kidsand keeping her house in order. Tina was injured while on duty as a recruiter and has a T10 spinal cord injury, but that has not slowed her down.

Tina heard about the Tek RMD, standing mobility device, from a couple of disabled Veterans. Last year she visited the Boston Abilities Expo and got the chance to see the Tek RMD at a Numotion booth. She spoke with a Numotion employee who provided her with all of the information on the device. Tina took that information to her clinical team at the VA who got her in touch with a Numotion employee. Tina had heard about all of the health benefits that come from standing like improving bone density, heart, lung and bladder function.

Tina received the Tek RMD earlier this year and is already seeing improvements in her health and her independence. “I love my Tek RMD” said Tina, “I use it all the time around the house doing daily upkeep. Everything from dusting the fireplace mantel to cleaning cabinets. I can reach things I never could before and I love how tall it makes me feel. It is so amazing to stand again.”

Numotion worked with her and her clinical team at the VA to provide her with the Tek RMD. “The Numotion team played a huge role in everything,” said Tina. “I think because they were there and had the knowledge about the Tek RMD and could answer any questions my clinical team had is the reason I have the Tek RMD today. They were able to explain why the Tek RMD would improve my quality of life. Even now that I have the Tek RMD, my Numotion team is still involved and answers any questions I have.”

Tina is active in the Veterans community and shares with fellow Veterans about the Tek RMD and how it is changing her life. “I want all Veterans to have this technology so they can live a more independent life. It is truly amazing that I can stand after all this time and look at the world differently again.”