“I’m a computer guy and use Tek RMD with my adjustable height desk. I can now sit or stand while working. It gives me the ability to move around.”
       - Tom

Ergonomic workplaces are gaining popularity for office-based jobs. Tom spends most of his workdays at an adjustable height desk in front of a computer. He has used a stander in the past, but had to transfer back to a traditional seated wheelchair to get away from his desk on breaks. Now, the Tek Robotic Mobility Device (RMD) allows Tom to sit or stand whenever he wants, move about his home office while remaining in a standing position and transfer himself to his power chair.

Tom enjoys being mobile, independent and at eye-level with his friends and family. He has also noticed health benefits from the Tek RMD: improved blood flow, increased bone density and better digestion.

The Tek RMD fits with Tom’s active lifestyle. After his stroke, Tom found new sports, hobbies and organizations to join. He joined a club for adaptive sailing, where volunteers teach him the sport with hands-on experiences. Cooking also plays an important role in Tom’s life. The Tek RMD has given him back the ability to stand at the counter or stove, navigate his kitchen and prepare meals.

Tom looks forward to using the Tek RMD to stand as a groomsman in his brother’s upcoming wedding.

“My left arm is stronger than my right, so I primarily use my left hand. The joystick on the Tek RMD is in the middle, so I’m able to use my right hand to navigate and drive, which is really neat. It leaves my left hand open for cooking or computer work, while simultaneously giving my right hand the practice and exercise it needs.”
       - Tom