Sarah’s Story

As a toddler, Sarah received her first wheelchair after being diagnosed with type II spinal muscular atrophy. More than 21 years later, she has had several types of wheelchairs from Numotion that have allowed her to move around more easily. The freedom and mobility she experiences has helped her earn a bachelor’s degree, pursue a graduate degree and lead a fulfilling professional life.


Thomas’s Story

Before he received his Tek RMD standing wheelchair, Vietnam veteran Thomas dealt with frequent pain and muscle tension. With his new equipment, Thomas is far more comfortable and is able to get around his home and around town with ease. He's also been able to spend more quality time with his nieces and nephews.


Dalton’s Story

Dalton knew he was getting a new Permobil M3 for his 13th birthday, but had no idea Permobil and Numotion had partnered together to host a surprise party. Now he can see the world at eye-level and hug his parents while they remain standing.


Tom’s Story

Tom spends most of his workdays at a computer. He has an adjustable height desk that is more easily utilized when paired with the Tek Robotic Mobility Device (RMD). Now Tom can transfer himself from his wheelchair to the Tek RMD and can stay mobile while standing. Tom has noticed other health benefits and loves being at eye-level with his family.

Mikah & Izzy

Mikah & Izzy’s Story

Due to their cerebral palsy, twins Mikah and Izzy require multiple pieces of mobility equipment to maintain high-quality, day-to-day living. Their dedicated ATP tirelessly works with them and their family members to provide solutions and equipment training to help the twins navigate daily tasks with greater ease.


Delmace’s Story

After suffering a spinal cord injury and developing other conditions in infancy, Delmace has been using a wheelchair since he was 2 years old. However, his wheels have never held him back. Delmace has a passion for biking, skateboarding and other sports, especially wheelchair motocross. With the support his mother and his ATP, Delmace has beat the odds and excelled at his favorite sport.


Allaina’s Story

When she was young, a gymnastics accident left Allaina with quadriplegia. Over time, having a wheelchair has become a way of life. However, she continued to experience back pain from bumps, cracks and uneven terrain. Thanks to her SoftWheel by Numotion in-wheel suspension system, Allaina now comfortably goes about her active life as a wife, mother and graphic designer.


Vance’s Story

Vance has made it his life’s mission to advocate for those with disabilities and has helped change the way governmental organizations around the world respond to individuals with access and functional needs before, during and after crisis situations.