Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know


Delaina’s Story

Delaina isn’t a typical college student. In addition to a full class schedule, she is also a fashion designer, blogger and adaptive clothing model. Delaina’s assistive technology professional makes sure that her wheelchair is always in the best condition to help navigate her busy life.


Garon’s Story

As Garon started to outgrow store-bought strollers, his mom realized it was time to look for an alternative. She thought it would be tough to find an ideal solution before an upcoming family vacation. Numotion found the perfect fit for Garon and delivered his new stroller within a week, allowing the family to focus on having fun at Disney World.


Garrett’s Story

Like any young child, Garrett wants nothing more than to explore everything the world has to offer. So when a stroller wasn’t meeting all of Garrett’s growing needs, his father knew it was time for a change. With his Freedom NXT Manual Wheelchair, Garrett can now enjoy his true passion for the outdoors, engage better in the classroom and more confidently participate in activities with family friends.


Arcy’s Story

Arcy is a bilingual, yet non-verbal young woman living with cerebral palsy. To help address her significant mobility and communication challenges, Numotion worked with her to individually configure a Permobil F3 Power Chair, outfitted with a comprehensive communication device. Now, she is able to get around and communicate with greater ease. It is also helping her more confidently transition from high school to college.


Genesis’s Story

As a young woman, Genesis is an inspirational survivor. Living with spina bifida has required her to have 22 critical surgeries – each one threatening her independence, mobility and life. Thankfully, her surgeries were a success, and so is her Numotion wheelchair solution. Its individually configured seat and seat back improved her posture, breathing, incontinence issues and her overall quality of life.


Jeni’s Story

Jeni is a smart and accomplished career woman whose mission in life is to raise awareness about Neuromuscular Disease, the condition she has and her four children had as well. With the help of her new, individually configured wheelchair, Jeni is able to further her life's work, keep her job at the University of Maryland and perform many daily tasks independently.


Kiana’s Story

Kiana is a bright and bubbly 5-year-old girl, but her spastic triplegia cerebral palsy sometimes prevented her from doing the things she loves, such as playing outside with her friends and spending time with family. With her Zippie ZM 310 wheelchair, Kiana is better able to spend time with her loved ones and exercise her natural independence.


Jessica’s Story

Bedridden by multiple sclerosis, Jessica was disheartened by her inability to spend time with her son. Once Jessica received her M300 Permobil Power Chair, she experienced a significant change in activity and independence. She is now able to pick up her son from school, attend to his needs at home and ultimately be the parent she wishes to be.


Kierra’s Story

As an active, outgoing pre-teen brimming with enthusiasm, living with muscular dystrophy forced Kierra to pull back from everyday life. She progressively began to lose function in her legs and soon required a wheelchair. Although initially hesitant about using her Permobil Power Chair, Kierra and her family quickly recognized it brings newfound freedom. It immediately opened a world of opportunity, allowing her to succeed in class, band and even cheerleading!


Lucy’s Story

Lucy is a spirited child with a mind of her own, and her Permobil F3 wheelchair lets her explore her world on her own terms. Although it took her some time to get used to it, with her new equipment, Lucy is better able to enjoy her favorite activities and exert her independence.


Marley’s Story

With a high-energy kid who loves the outdoors, Marley’s family needs a durable-yet-practical stroller for traversing parks, festival grounds and other uneven terrain. But Marley’s standard store-bought stroller wasn’t cutting it when it came to her comfort and functional needs. Now, with a stroller customized for her needs, 5-year-old Marley can experience the great outdoors in comfort, style and confidence, and her family can maintain its active lifestyle.


Michael’s Story

Michael’s cerebral palsy creates an ongoing need for him to use catheters to keep him dry and comfortable each day. Small orders for products like these can be quite expensive, and Michael’s mother had several poor experiences working with other suppliers. Numotion’s Medical Supply business was able to craft a personalized plan for Michael to provide supplies as efficiently and inexpensively as possible.