Numotion's COVID-19 Response: What you Need to Know

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Geoff’s Story

Geoff is the happiest when he is outside surrounded by nature. He grew up in the mountains of Washington State and spent a good portion of his life working in those same mountains.


Emery’s Story

Emery was born with Schizencephally, Septo Optic Dyslasian and Epilepsy. At birth, she was missing about 40% of her brain and at just a year old had a hemispherectomy to prevent seizures.


Londyn’s Story

Londyn loves music, dancing, being read to, putting blocks together, chasing her brother and sister around the house and playing in the water.

Pastor Bill

Pastor Bill’s Story

Pastor Bill is a well-respected Lutheran (ELCA) pastor who served three congregations over a 33-year career before he had to go on disability following the progression of ALS.


Gabriella’s Story

Life-long customer Gabriella has not let Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 slow her down or stop her from following her dreams.


Carey’s Story

Carey is a die-hard Yankees fan, lover of music and hockey, and has learned how to live life to the fullest despite MS.


Sammy’s Story

Bass fishing wasn’t always part of Sammy’s life, but five years ago it completely changed his life. Sammy has faced more adversity than most people face in a lifetime, but has come out on the other side stronger than ever.


Steven’s Story

Over the last five years, Steven and his family have learned to find the positive, even in the most challenging situations. Diagnosed with Duchenne MD at age five and a half, Steven, now 10, is fortunate to still be walking.


Liam’s Story

Liam is an energetic eleven-year-old from Charlotte, NC living with Reflex Neurological Dystrophy. Thanks to the help of CRT like SoftWheel, Liam can now do things he never dreamed possible.


Brogan’s Story

Brogan, a spunky and adorable three-year-old with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, is able to experience independence for the first time, thanks to the help of his first powerchair and his Numotion ATP, Jarrod.


August’s Story

While muscular dystrophy prevents August from using his legs, his Permobil M300 3G provides him with the mobility he needs to independently thrive at school and in life. Even though he is more than three hours from the closest Numotion location, his family and service technicians work together to make sure his needs are met.


Charley’s Story

Once forced to forgo park visits and family time due to cerebral palsy, Charley recently received a manual tilt-in-space wheelchair that has greatly increased her freedom and independence. Now, she can enjoy playing at the park, attending school with her peers and spending time with her brother and parents.