About Karen 

Numotion Brand Ambassador 

Karen Roy has been a wheelchair user for more than 30 years. When she was just 18 she sustained a T10 complete spinal cord injury when she was shot in an armed robbery while a student at Louisiana State University. But she has never let it stop her from living her best life possible. 

Karen is passionate about advocating for all people with disabilities to have access to the technology they need to stay healthy, especially standing devices, and live independent lives. She herself has always used standing devices and functional electrical stimulation technology since the time of her accident to keep healthy.

She has received commodations from the Governor of Louisiana and the Governor of Maryland for her work in eliminating architectural and attitudinal barriers for people with disabilities across the nation. These efforts, combined with her “Stand for Life” platform, contributed to Karen being named Ms. Wheelchair America 2019. During her reign she spent countless hours traveling the country talking with people with disabilities about how they can take control of their own health. 

Karen Roy, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) with more than 20 years of experience, primarily at the Neuromedical Rehabilitation Hospital where she specialized in the case management of patients with spinal cord injury and other neurological disorders. Helping others after a debilitating injury or illness was her whole reason for becoming a social worker and her reason for joining the Numotion team in 2015. The purpose of her role as Brand Ambassador is to serve and advocate for the customers of Numotion. 

Karen has three kids all attending Louisiana State University. She enjoys traveling, wheelchair sports, music and any activities that involve being in the sunshine.  She believes the purpose of staying healthy and advocating for equal rights is to have fun and live the best life possible!