The Customer Advisory Board is a forum of diverse individuals who share direct customer insights with Numotion regarding experiences and perspectives, as well as provide ideas and guidance resulting in lasting positive change at Numotion and the CRT industry as a whole.

Current CAB Members:

Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(9).pngJosh Basile
Washington, DC
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(10).pngJenny Border
Columbus, OH 
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(14).pngCindy Borths
Algoma, WI
(Parent of Customer)
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(15).pngJoe Calvert
Baltimore, MD
(Parent of Customer)
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(16).pngPrentice Cox
New Hyde Park, NY
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(11).pngPatty Gilham
St. Louis, MO
(Parent of Customer)
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(12).pngLisa McGaha
Oak Grove, MO
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(17).pngMario Pinete
Fountain, CO
(Parent of Customer)
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(18).pngLonnie Price
Dallas, TX
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(19).pngKristi Roher
Gilbert, AZ
(Parent of Customer)
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(20).pngTyler Schrenk
Snohomish, WA
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(21).pngVance Taylor,
Rancho Cordova, CA
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(22).pngMorgan Waite
Albany, NY

The Numotion Customer Advisory Board meets monthly with Numotion Executives, Mike Swinford, Chief Executive Officer, Bud DeGraff, Chief Operating Officer, Bret Barczak, Chief Marketing Officer &
Justin Richardson, Executive Director of the Numotion Foundation.

Past CAB Members

April Ballentine
Lexington, KY
Untitled-design-2021-06-21T110353-736-(13).pngKyle Pease
Atlanta, GA