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Gene’s Story

Gene Moran is a man of many melodies. Born with cerebral palsy, Gene has been a customer of Numotion for over a decade, from handling insurance hassles to going the extra mile by conducting fittings at his workplace, Gene said his experience working with Numotion has always been a positive one.


Tricia’s Story

Over the past fifteen years, Tricia has worked with Numotion, a relationship she describes as consistently positive. "I have worked with Numotion for many years now and have found each time to be a positive experience," she shared. "I’m happy with their response time, they return the phone calls, and are always keeping me updated with changes, delivery, or service call times."

Jamilah Ray

Jamilah Ray’s Story

​In August 2023, Jamilah embarked on a new journey with Numotion. She was fitted for a new chair, eagerly anticipating the newfound freedom it would bring. The process went smoothly, with her chair arriving in January 2024, opening the door to new possibilities.


Jonathan’s Story

Meet Johnathan "Yotsai,” a community leader, actor, upcoming rapper, and father. Yotsai's journey took an unexpected turn on March 18, 2015, when a fateful encounter left him paralyzed from the stomach down, Yotsai said he decided not to let his disability define him but turn his circumstances into “light and spread great energy.”


Brooke’s Story

Numotion Assistive Technology Professional, Jeff, came to fit her into a wheelchair in October saying that working with Numotion has been easy. “It was a great experience. Jeff came to fit me and he was so fun to work with. I posted a video of the experience and everyone was commenting how Jeff was so passionate and perfect for this job. He made the experience seem fun rather than scary or sad,” said Brooke.


Chelsie’s Story

Chelsie is 30, flirty, and thriving in Nashville, Tennessee. At 18 years old she had dreams of being a soldier in the United States Army. On her way to basic training, her car stopped working, and while sitting in the undrivable car, Chelsie was struck by another vehicle. The car accident caused Chelsie to sustain a C4/C5 spinal cord injury, leaving her paralyzed from the neck down.


Darwin’s Story

Darwin is three years old, loves dinosaurs and is nonverbal. Skeptical of the device at first, his mom had seen incredible improvements with his communication and speech. “Before the device Darwin has never been able to clearly ask for things he wants, he was only able to point, guide you towards something, or cry. Since having the device, he can talk about his favorite things (dinosaurs!).”


John’s Story

John and his wife Christine live in Middletown, Delaware. Originally from Binghamton, NY, John was infected with Polio only six months before Salk’s vaccine was widely tested and as a result, was paralyzed from the neck down for six months. Through physical therapy and help from his mom, John walked a year later and played sports in high school. When he turned 40, he began showing Post-Polio Syndrome issues and is now in a power wheelchair.


Logan’s Story

Faced with challenges in finding suitable mobility equipment, Logan's mother confided in her friends about the frustrations she encountered with Logan's chair. "They shared glowing accounts of their positive experiences with their Numotion representative. Taking a leap of faith, I reached out to him to address Logan's equipment needs," said Sara.


Monique’s Story

Diagnosed with ALS in 2018, Numotion has been a part of Monique’s journey since the beginning of her diagnosis. She first met Numotion Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), Chris at her local ALS clinic where he measured her for her new wheelchair that she received in 2020.


Nick’s Story

Nick is eighteen years old and just graduated high school. His hobbies include playing simulator games and being outside in his community. Diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Numotion has been a part of Nick’s mobility journey for five years.


Noah’s Story

Eight-year-old Noah lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his parents, little sister, and five dogs. Born with Escobar syndrome, a condition that poses physical hurdles, Noah lives life with infectious enthusiasm.