Aaron’s Story

Aaron is a Numotion Assistive Technology Professional. In 2015, Aaron joined Team Numotion as a Service Technician after previously working as a customer service representative at Kroger. “I heard about the service tech job through the service manager.  I knew how to turn a wrench and one of my strengths is problem-solving so he asked me to come aboard and help him out. I had no idea what would come of it, but it was honestly one of the best decisions I have made in my life,” said Aaron. 


Allie’s Story

Allie started as an Assistive Technology Professional at Numotion in April 2019. Growing up with a neuromuscular disease and attending MDA Summer Camp for 10 years led her to begin dreaming about a career that would enable her to help others live limitlessly and be able to actively participate in the world around them.


Caitlin’s Story

Caitlin joined Team Numotion three and a half years ago, training in Nashville before she moved to Springdale, Arkansas to be the sole Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) for that branch. Caitlin began her career as an Occupational Therapist at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. While there she had the opportunity to specialize in their seating and mobility clinic working directly with Numotion ATPs.


Christy’s Story

Christy began her career as a Physical Therapist and spent 9 years working in outpatient pediatrics with  children who used CRT equipment. Providing clients with equipment to improve their positioning, independence, participation, and/or access to their environment was her favorite part of being a clinician.


Cynthia’s Story

Cynthia joined Team Numotion in August 2014. Before coming to work with Numotion, Cynthia had worked alongside the Louisville Numotion ATPs for years in the field. “In the Louisville market, the ATPs from all companies have known each other for years and have even worked together at other DME companies. I was interviewing for another job but was advised by an OT at one of our seating clinics that Numotion would be a better fit for me. HE WAS RIGHT!”


Daniel’s Story

Daniel is a Service Technician in Fresno, California. He joined Team Numotion in October of 2021 after learning about the job on a Veteran’s job search website.


Jeff’s Story

Through his time as an ATP, Jeff developed a passion for serving people diagnosed with ALS. This passion would set the course for many opportunities to serve those living with ALS. One individual in particular, Steve Gleason.


Josh’s Story

Josh Turek joined the Numotion team in September 2019 as a Specialty Account Manager. Josh’s motivation to join Numotion was fueled by his desire to be a part of an organization that was committed to providing the best care and equipment to individuals with disabilities. “I believe that going into doctor’s offices, being a successful, educated, and well-spoken end-user allows me to be the ideal person to be the face and voice of the organization to providers,” said Josh.


Justin’s Story

Executive Director for the Numotion Foundation, Justin Richardson was injured in a diving accident after a night out with friends when he was 22 years old. He had been a competitive swimmer and ran the management division of a pool management company in the Raleigh, NC area for many years prior to his injury. When asked to describe the circumstances surrounding the accident, he stated, “The water was the last place I would have expected a spinal cord injury like mine to occur. That said, one careless dive changed my life forever and at approximately 3 am on the morning of August 10th, 2003, I became a C 6/7 quadriplegic.”


Jeff’s Story

Jeff began working at Spinlife in December of 2000 when it was just the beginning. “A friend of mine told me he knew the owner, thought the company had great potential, there was an open sales position and another mutual friend of ours was currently as the other salesman. I was working as a supervisor for a men’s homeless shelter but was looking to find something different and the entire concept of Spinlife intrigued me, so I applied for the job.”


Karen’s Story

Karen has been a wheelchair user for more than 30 years after a T10 complete spinal cord injury when she was shot in an armed robbery. She joined the Numotion team as a Territory Manager for the Gulf South Region in July of 2015. Previously she served as a licensed clinical social worker who worked in a rehabilitation hospital helping people with newly acquired disabilities learn to navigate their new life.


Aubrey’s Story

Service Coordinator, Aubrey, has been a Numotion employee since June of 2015. Aubrey started her journey in the Complex Rehab Technology industry in 2005.


Jill’s Story

Jill has a personal connection to Numotion that has impacted her perspective of her role at Numotion. Her sister-in-law was diagnosed with ALS in 2013. Watching her and her brother through that journey changed her outlookon many things.  “I was so grateful at that time to be working for Numotion, it gave me a purpose.  Many times during these types of situations you want to help, but don’t know what to do or say. This was my opportunity to take something that I do every day and use it to help my family. Through this I realized how important the role of a caregiver is, and how important it is that we listen to their needs as well as the patient.  I have come out of this experience understanding that the people we serve are not just those that are confined to the chair,” said Jill.


Ben’s Story

Ben is an Application Developer at Numotion and is also a Numotion customer. In 2012 Ben was a passenger in a car accident that resulted in a neck injury that left him as a quadriplegic.


Chuck’s Story

Chuck is retiring this month after a long and successful forty years in the industry. Chuck’s journey started back in 1978, when he was given the opportunity to learn about the CRT industry and how to properly fit a wheelchair.


Daniel’s Story

Numotion Remote Service Manager, Daniel Ray has been with Numotion since 2012. When approached by a Numotion ATP about a job, he had little knowledge of the business. After hearing about Numotion’s mission he was “sold” and said, “how can you turn down making a career out of helping people?”


Hilary’s Story

Hilary is a Medical Supply Account Manager for Numotion’s Medical Supply business. Hilary started at Numotion in the fall of 2019. After working in medical billing, she developed a passion to get in the field and help customers on an individual level.


Hollie’s Story

Hollie is a Document Funding Manager and is also mom to eleven-year-old, Numotion customer, Lillie.


Jillian’s Story

Three years ago, Jillian was on vacation with her friends when she fell off her hotel balcony and suffered a spinal cord injury. “I lifted my foot up and lost my balance” says Jillian. She plunged three stories to the grass below and fractured three vertebrae in her spine, her sternum and several ribs.


Kieara’s Story

Kieara is a Billing and Collections Coordinator and is also mom to five-year-old, Numotion customer, Kania.


Kris’s Story

Numotion ATP, Kris, SMS, CRTS has been an ATP for 17 years. For the last 16 years, he has visited a number of different countries from Costa Rico to Israel to distribute wheelchairs in conjunction with Hope Haven West based out of California.


Lance’s Story

Lance has been an ATP at the Tifton, GA branch for the past eight years and in the industry for the last 25 years.

Alexis and Hope

Alexis and Hope’s Story

Numotion ATP, Alexis, based in Colorado, and Hope, an operations manager in Kentucky, teamed up to help a customer during an extremely trying time.


Lauren’s Story

Lauren has always had a passion for working with individuals with complex communication needs. “I believe that everyone should have a way to share their voice, their thoughts, and have a way to communicate independently. Working in this role allows me to help so many individuals to do that! The best thing about my job is seeing someone able to communicate in a way they could not before. I love hearing from an SLP or a parent who says their client/child has been able to communicate something that they have never been able to say before!”

Lombard Service Team

Lombard Service Team’s Story

Like many others in Jan 2020, Alden North had to temporarily close their doors to outside visitors, including their Numotion team, due to COVID-19. During this time, many of their patients went without service to their chairs or evaluations for new parts or chairs. A year later, in February of 2021, Alden opened their doors for the first time and called their Numotion Team. Alden had 15 Numotion customers who needed service and planned to spread out customer appointments over the span of several months. Service Manager, Antonio Leon, had a different idea on how best to serve these customers after time away due to COVID, “Since it had been such a long time since we had seen many of these customers, I wanted to get my team in there as soon as possible. We decided we would send a few of our technicians to do one whole day of evaluations to optimize the time we have,” said Antonio.


Mike’s Story

As Executive Director for Service & Repair, Mike Wilson is passionate about finding innovative ways to provide an exceptional service experience for our customers.


Numotion’s Story

Hear from our leaders and customers about the many ways we are helping people with all of their mobility needs. Our unique set of services distinguish us from others in the CRT industry and help us drive our mission of improving the lives of people with disabilities.


Mike’s Story

Mike, Seating Tech II, based out of the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Maryland, was asked to join the Organization for Community Health Outreach (Ocho), which is a traveling “brigade” of therapists and volunteers who have made a yearly trip to Altima, Honduras since 1999.

Numotion Community Service Day

Numotion Community Service Day’s Story

More than 100 locations and 1500 employees participated in our half-day Community Service Day last month. With activities held coast to coast, the impact we were able to make was huge. Click here to see what we accomplished.


Rodney’s Story

Rodney joined the Numotion team in April of this year. “I was intrigued by a career that would allow me to combine my joy of working with my hands as well as using the degree I earned,” said Rodney.


Susan’s Story

Susan is a Medical Supply Account Manager at Numotion and the wife to Numotion customer, Greg, who was injured during a family skiing trip that resulted in a spinal cord injury. After her husband’s injury, the high-school teacher by trade was looking for a change in career when she came across the role at Numotion.

Tina and Jadi

Tina and Jadi’s Story

Customer care is a family matter for Numotion mother-daughter employee duo, Tina and Jadi. Tina was hired at Numotion as a Service Coordinator after previously spending 20 years in the DME industry. Tina’s daughter, Jadi was looking for a change was hired on to the Med Docs team at Numotion in 2016. A year later, Jadi applied to be a Customer Care Coordinator.


Todd’s Story

Numotion ATP, Todd was awarded The Joe Martin Champion of Spirit Award at the 2019 MDA Muscle Team Gala in Charlotte, North Carolina. This annual honor recognizes outstanding individuals in the Charlotte community who make a difference in spreading awareness of neuromuscular diseases and help further MDA’s mission to find treatments and cures. 


Tom’s Story

ATP, Tom’s passion for the MDA community and volunteering spirit began over 30 years ago. In his spare time he helps support the MDA in any way he can.


Mike’s Story

Mike is a 20 year retired Navy veteran, husband, father and a warehouse technician. Mike has been with Numotion for the past seven years and his son, Logan, is also a Numotion customer.


Stuart’s Story

Numotion ATP, Stuart, is better known as “Stewie the Wheelchair Guy” (after Stewie from “Family Guy”) by the customers he serves in the Houston, TX area.


Brian’s Story

Brian has been an ATP for eight years and with Numotion for the past 16. Before getting into the industry, Brian was a recreational therapist working as an adaptive ski instructor at Killington Mountain in Vermont.


Andrew’s Story

Andrew always knew in the back of his mind he wanted to help people for a living. His technical expertise and strong desire to help customers quickly led to a role out in the field as an ATP.


Angela’s Story

Angela had no idea her work with customer Genesis would catch Numotion CEO Mike Swinford's attention. What started as a reimbursement email turned into an adventure that would change Genesis' life and Angela's perspective.

Guatemala Team

Guatemala Team’s Story

Since 2015 Numotion employees have volunteered their time and resources to build, donate and deliver wheelchairs to people who need it most in Guatemala. The team directly impacted an estimated 395 lives through their partnership with Bethel Ministries International.


Amy’s Story

Amy was raised by deaf parents who encouraged her to advocate and support those who need it the most. She carried those valuable lessons with her throughout life. Now, her career at Numotion allows her to dive into her passion for helping people.


James’s Story

Our Numotion Family continues to do anything and everything possible for those who have suffered significant personal losses through these tough times. One example involves Numotion Seating Technician James. Based in Denver, James wanted to help friends, family, colleagues and customers in need in Houston.

Jim Craig

Jim Craig’s Story

Watch motivational video messages from U.S. Hockey gold medalist and Numotion spokesperson, Jim Craig.


Kyle’s Story

When Numotion leaders were looking for a 24/7 volunteer to look after employees in the paths of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, Network Engineer Kyle Copeland jumped at the opportunity to help. He went above and beyond to make sure every Numotion employee was safe and dry.


Lindsey’s Story

Lindsey is a pediatric ATP in Colorado Springs. Her goal is to make every customer smile and laugh. Lindsey says her job wouldn't be possible without the help and support of her team at the branch.


Mark’s Story

In the fall of 2017, Caroline’s mom, Jennifer, told Mark that Caroline wanted a bike for Christmas. But Jennifer and Mark both knew that Caroline’s individually configured seating system was too vital to forego. With lots of research and collaboration, Mark dreamed up a solution.


Todd’s Story

Todd is a highly motivated problem solver with a passion for helping people. As an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) at Numotion, he helps people with movement disabilities regain control of their lives — physically and mentally.