Your In-Home Needs are Unique

Everyone’s home life is different, and we recognize the importance of being able to keep personal routines intact. Our team of experts will evaluate your physical and environmental needs, and provide solutions that allow you to complete your activities of daily living with independence, confidence, and dignity. We will work with you to identify the equipment and modifications that best meet your specific needs.

Numotion is proud to offer a full range of products from Harmar

Harmar is one the nation’s largest home access equipment manufacturers, known for equipment quality and reliability.

Platform Lifts
Platform lifts offer you full access to your home and yard without the burden of transferring out of your wheelchair. Interior platform lifts provide the same convenience for stairways.

Ramps and Stair Rails
Available in a variety of lengths, materials and configurations to navigate your home’s design as well as your style. Ramps are available to access a set of stairs, or to simply get over the threshold of a door.
Ramps_website.jpgStair Lifts
Stair lifts make great options for customers in multi-story homes who need to move between floors.

Stair-Lifts_website.jpgVehicle Lifts
Travel with your wheelchair easily using an exterior lift that carries your chair on the back of your car or truck, or a hoist that will lift your wheelchair inside your vehicle. A Numotion Home Access Consultant can quickly help you identify lifts that will work for your vehicle and wheelchair.