Kierra is an active kid, thriving in the hallways of her middle school. Her teachers say she is the social butterfly of her class and is always seen with friends. Those friends used to push her chair from class to class, but now they walk alongside Kierra while she navigates her Permobil F3 Power Chair with Complex Power Tilt.
Kierra’s parents, Wendy and Rob, initially resisted the school’s urge to incorporate more Complex Rehab Technology into her daytime schedule. Wendy and Rob wanted her walking as much as possible, so the thought of a power chair scared them. However, Kierra’s ATP, Todd, acted as a liaison between the two parties and knew a healthy agreement could be found with a little time, patience and education.
“The first day she gets in the power chair, grabs the joystick and drives to me is huge, because all of a sudden, she’s independent. It’s hard because you want to be happy, but in reality it’s the progression of a disease and she’s losing her mobility. You’re sad the disease is progressing and she has to use this tool, but thank God we have the tool. She can now do things she couldn’t do at the time.”
       -Kierra’s ATP, Todd


Todd knew Kierra would eventually need the power chair, so he left a loaner at the family’s house for a few weeks. After much encouragement, Kierra gave it a try and loved it. She quickly discovered the independence that it could provide.
“I was 75 percent terrified, 25 percent excited because I didn’t feel 100 percent ready for it yet. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to walk anymore and that I wouldn’t really be able to do what I wanted to anymore. Being faced with something new that involved my disability — it was scary. But now instead of having someone push me around every day at school, I can simply push a button to go wherever I need to and just hang out with my friends — it’s really exciting.”