Numotion ATP, Alexis, based in Colorado, and Hope, an operations manager in Kentucky, teamed up to help a customer during an extremely trying time. Alexis was working with a newly injured customer through the process of ordering a wheelchair. They had exactly four weeks to order the chair and have it delivered before the customer left Craig Hospital in Colorado and moved to an outpatient rehab facility in Kentucky.

“With discharge quickly approaching, we attempted to rush the wheelchair with expedited shipping,” recalled Alexis. “When the wheelchair was being put together we were told they had to rebuild a custom part, delaying the chair by a day. Then we were told another integral part was missing causing another delay. That’s when we knew we weren’t going to make it.”

Alexis and her team – production technician, Anthony, production manager, Daniel, and shipping and receiving technician, Mike – diligently responded to emails regarding shipping, backordered parts, shipping components and coordinating the setup, all in an attempt to get this customer a chair before leaving for rehab.

Despite her best efforts, Alexis realized that she needed to call in Hope and her team in Kentucky to help get this order over the finish line. “Confidently, I can say we handed Hope a hot mess,” said Alexis. “Thankfully, she did not shy away. She told me to give her the details and she and her team would handle it.”

What Alexis soon found out was that Hope was dealing with a mess of her own in Kentucky. “When Alexis called me, we had just experienced a power outage from a FedEx truck that took down power lines and transformers right outside our location,” said Hope. “I was outside when I saw a plume of smoke rising over our building. After seeing that everyone was accounted for and safe, everyone gathered their things and headed home to finish their day since power would not be restored until the following day.”

Hope recalls locking up the building and seeing a call from a number in Colorado pop up on her cell phone. She didn’t recognize the number but answered anyways. “It was Alexis,” said Hope. “She shared her story and I shared mine. Then, I ask that she send me an email and as soon as I get somewhere that I had power I would take care of it.”

Once the email came through Hope and her team, comprised of CCC, Shannon, seating tech, Raymond, production warehouse tech, Crystal, and ATP, Michael, took action. “I have never seen such care taken in an email,” said Hope. “It was so detailed and outlined every step of the way. Alexis had planned as if she was here herself and left nothing for chance. As I shared her email with my team, we all understood how important this was and how much care she had taken. We were not going to let her or her client down.”

Within a few days the chair was properly assembled and delivered to the customer in Kentucky, thanks to the partnership of these two teams. 

Alexis reflected on this experience and said, “Being able to care for our customers with new mobility needs is extremely difficult and rewarding. We must advocate for the best equipment in the best configurations, even when it makes a case difficult. We must be sympathetic in our handling of every situation, especially when futures and abilities are uncertain. We must rely on our team members to give excellent customer service when we cannot be there to see things through. Equipment shouldn’t be the center of concern, it should be the enabling tool.”

“It’s hard putting faith and trust in people that you don’t know,” said Hope. “Alexis took that leap of faith. Knowing that we have a huge Numotion family to support us and count on gives us all hope.”