“When it all boils down, Assistive Technology Professionals, service technicians and branch members deserve all the praise. I just take phone calls.”
– Angela

Angela_424x482_page-(1).jpgIf you’re a Numotion customer, odds are you will interact with numerous employees. Assistive Technology Professionals (ATPs) will evaluate you for new equipment, service technicians repair existing equipment customer care coordinators (CCCs) help you schedule appointments. These teams go above and beyond to bring mobility to thousands of customers every year. But did you know there are dozens of other people working behind the scenes to verify insurance, clear payments, order parts, organize service scheduling and keep branches running as smoothly as possible?
Angela is one of those people. And although she doesn’t think she deserves praise, her team and customers think otherwise.
Angela’s job is to see how customers are doing post-delivery. One day, she got an email just like any other, from a customer’s mom, Michelle. Michelle was increasingly concerned about her daughter Genesis’ health and had researched individually configured seating systems. Angela listened, then decided to push the request through to her team.
Michelle and Angela stayed in touch through the entire process. Angela provided regular updates to the status of Genesis’ new equipment and stayed up to date on her impending surgery.
“Our Reimbursement Supervisor Angela is our angel who can turn one ‘no’ into 10 ‘yeses’. She and the Numotion ATPs treated Genesis like she mattered and was important.”
       - Michelle, Genesis’ mom

Genesis was in a new seating system within weeks and was able to forego the upcoming surgery thanks to her new seating system. Angela and Genesis left a life-long impression on each other. In May 2017, CEO Mike Swinford invited Angela to Florida to meet Genesis and Michelle.
“I can look at a chair and tell you how all of the parts were likely paid for. But my perspective changed after meeting Genesis and seeing the way her chair and seating system impacted her. It’s not just parts – it’s life. These parts work together to get Genesis upright, healthy and mobile. I’ve known that all along, but getting face-to-face makes it personal and can change everything."