In the fall of 2023, Sarah joined the Numotion Speech Solutions team, marking the beginning of a career fueled by passion and dedication. Sarah's path to Numotion was paved by connections created through her years as a speech-language pathologist (SLP). A chance encounter with a former college acquaintance turned Numotion representative sparked her interest in the field. "I had always been intrigued by Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)," Sarah explains, "and Numotion offered the perfect opportunity to learn something new."

Driven by a desire to support individuals with communication challenges, Sarah said her favorite thing about her job is being able to notify the SLP and the family that their speech-generating device was approved and on its way. “I was emotional the first time it happened. I have always helped people communicate but giving them this type of access to communication feels different. This job allows me to support SLPs in the field and help individuals gain access to communication. It feels like a win-win."

One of Sarah's most memorable experiences came through her partnership with a young boy named Darwin. Introduced to Numotion through his speech-language pathologist, Darwin's journey with AAC devices touched Sarah's heart in profound ways."Darwin's enthusiasm was contagious," Sarah recalls. "He took to the device with ease, and I knew we had to do everything in our power to ensure he had continued access to it."

However, challenges arose when insurance requested additional documentation for Darwin's device. Undeterred, Sarah stood firm in her advocacy for Darwin's needs, refusing to reclaim the device until his funding was secured. In the interim, Darwin flourished, his newfound ability to communicate bringing joy not only to himself but also to his family.

Through the assistance of Numotion Speech Solutions, Darwin gained a newfound sense of independence. With his AAC device by his side, he navigated his world with confidence, sharing stories, jokes, and expressing his wants and needs effortlessly.

As Sarah reflects on Darwin's journey, she finds success in the impact she has made. "Darwin has so many things to say. And I am just happy to be able to help him communicate. Darwin is starting preschool soon and the device will help him communicate his wants and needs across situations and people.”

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