Daniel is a Service Technician in Fresno, California. He joined Team Numotion in October of 2021 after learning about the job on a Veteran’s job search website. As a Service Technician, a few of Daniel’s responsibilities are visiting Numotion customers’ homes to troubleshoot, diagnose and repair electronic and/or mechanical components for mobility equipment. Communicating with customers regarding concerns and resolutions and following up with customers to ensure customer satisfaction also plays a large role in Daniel’s interactions with customers.

Desiring a job that supports people to have a better quality of life by providing caring assistance is what motivated Daniel to work for Numotion.

Daniel worked on MH60R Helicopters and jet engines during his service in the Navy. “My skills are now put to even better use providing service to the American public by working on medical equipment that provides people of all sorts the means to have more freedom and independence.”

Working for a company that values the quality of life for all people is one of Daniel’s favorite parts of his job. He also enjoys the looks and words of appreciation when he can fix someone’s damaged wheelchair or broken medical equipment. “I strive to treat every client/customer in love the way that I would want to be treated if I was in their shoes. Whether it is a minor arm rest adjustment, moving the leg rest down two inches, or whether it's new tires, seat cushion, motors, or a backrest. To me, every service to medical equipment is as important as if I were the one using the equipment. I value my job and the customers who choose to use Numotion services.”