Jill Diedrich joined Numotion’s commercial team three years ago as a Director of Sales Operations (DSO) in the Gulf South Region, having been in the complex rehab industry for 26 years. Prior to her DSO role she worked with the funding and medical docmentation departments.  

As a DSO, Jill works directly with our Assistive Technology Professionals (ATP), but often interacts with teams in contracting, compliance, billing, and many more. “One of my favorite things is being able to work with so many different departments at Numotion,” said Jill.

When asked why Jill wanted to work in this role she said, “I wanted to take all of the experience I had gained in other roles and use it to help our front-end business. Working directly with our Assistive Technology Professionals allows me to be more involved with our referrals and our customers, and for me, that is very rewarding.”

unnamed-(1).jpgJill has a personal connection to Numotion that has impacted her perspective of her role at Numotion. Her sister-in-law was diagnosed with ALS in 2013. Watching her and her brother (pictured right) through that journey changed her outlook on many things.  “I was so grateful at that time to be working for Numotion, it gave me a purpose.  Many times during these types of situations you want to help, but don’t know what to do or say. This was my opportunity to take something that I do every day and use it to help my family. Through this I realized how important the role of a caregiver is, and how important it is that we listen to their needs as well as the patient.  I have come out of this experience understanding that the people we serve are not just those that are confined to the chair,” said Jill.

Jill’s work with persons with disabilities does not end with her role at Numotion. She is extremely passionate about fighting for Numotion’s customers. “This past year was really exciting in being able to advocate for some big changes. Honestly, though, it is the advocacy that we do one on one with our customers that matters most.  We all like to win, but when it’s for our customers and we can come through with a positive change, it doesn’t get any better,” said Jill.

During this time of COVID-19, Jill is extra thankful for her Numotion team. “I work directly with the ATP’s in LA, MS, south AL, and the Florida panhandle.  I can’t say enough about this team, I appreciate what they do daily and even more so this past year.  They have done everything they could to serve customers during the pandemic, and on top of that we had crazy natural disasters to overcome,” said Jill.