Mark started his career with Numotion in July 2011. He had been working for a durable medical equipment (DME) company, and realized he specifically had a passion for people with disabilities. Today, he takes pride in knowing he can create a positive solution for someone’s mobility needs.
Mark took on a new customer, Caroline, when her family moved from North Carolina to Virginia. Caroline was heartbroken when she said goodbye to her favorite North Carolina Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), Leslie.
“Leslie is the ATP who set the bar so high by providing Caroline with the best service and professionalism. Caroline’s mom told me that he had been great to work with, so I knew I had to carry on what he started. Leslie sets the stage for all ATPs to be successful and to ultimately do the right thing.”
       - Mark 

In the fall of 2017, Caroline’s mom, Jennifer, told Mark that Caroline wanted a bike for Christmas. But Jennifer and Mark both knew that Caroline’s individually configured seating system was too vital to forego. With lots of research and collaboration, Mark dreamed up a solution.
The pair worked in tandem with an electric bicycle frame manufacturer to design and assemble a bike like no other.
Caroline’s bike features a removable solid seat base, specialty cushion, pelvic thigh straps, a head rest, anterior trunk support with strap guides and an abdominal Velcro strap. All of which was made to fit Caroline and replicate the complex support her wheelchair provides.
Mark made it clear that none of this would have been possible without support and encouragement from his colleagues at the Baltimore, MD branch.
“Our Baltimore team understands the reality of our customers’ lives and how critical it is for Numotion to work hard on their behalf. The positive feedback we share with one another is what makes the team strive for success and be the best.”
       - Mark 

Mark’s new favorite moment of his career? Seeing Caroline and her dad ride their new bike together.