As Executive Director for Service & Repair, Mike Wilson is passionate about finding innovative ways to provide an exceptional service experience for our customers. In January 2018, Mike was one of the integral team members from various shared services - marketing, IT and the sales team - who joined together to develop goals for the myNumotion app. Mike was excited to lead the deployment to the field, which started with the first region in August 2018. Fast forward to today - the myNumotion app is available to all customers across the country. (Click here to Register for the myNumotion app)

When designing the app the team looked to customers to tell them what kind of experience they would like to have. “The main goal of the myNumotion app was to improve customer experience,” said Mike. “We addressed our customer’s convenience and their ability to access personal information at any time. For example, instead of having to call between business hours for a status update they can now check on the status at any point in the day. This was an instant customer experience improvement. Specifically, when using the chat feature, customers are able to get their questions or concerns answered quickly,” says Mike.

A major key to a successful launch of the app has been the support and transparency from the Regional Vice Presidents and other region leaders. Recognizing the impact of the app, has given them the drive to encourage their customers to be involved.

Customer feedback and responses have been very positive and team members across every region are seeing an improvement in customer satisfaction. ATPs, Customer Care Coordinators, and Service Coordinators are reporting that they are able to focus more on customer relationships and order movement. The app has become a tool they can offer to customers that will give them any time access to questions they need answered.

Customers are feeling empowered by having their information at their fingertips.

“I LOVE the fact that I can get email updates on my order emailed to me as opposed to logging on each time to see if I have any updates. It makes things so much easier to have updates sent to my email instead. I absolutely love that feature.”

The convenience of accessing information on their equipment, order status and service requests has given them peace of mind while they wait for their order to be fulfilled.

“It was an enormous relief to receive the notification of the existence of this site. Knowing the status and details of my husband's order is very important to us. Having online access makes a huge positive difference. We want to be involved in the process.”

Customers are able to get their questions answered right away, which takes away the stress of having to call or follow-up during business hours.

“It's a great feature and makes life a lot easier to have the information available whenever I need it rather than trying to reach people via phone.”

Mike and the app team are already busy making plans for future functionality of the app, “We have a number of additional features that are in the works, which will provide even more specific information on order progress, service and more,” says Mike, “This is just the beginning.”