Numotion is committed to providing a safe, convenient and accessible environment to collaborate with our customers and clinicians. Over the past few months, telehealth has become a vital part of how we effectively meet this objective while servicing our customer's critical needs.

Colorado Springs Assistive Technology Professional (ATP), Scott Rea has been leading the way with telehealth and has seen major successes utilizing it with the customers he serves. “The efficiencies and benefits using remote technology are numerous. Customers receive equipment faster, paperwork moves more quickly, and all involved parties (Customer, ATP & Clinician) are safer because of the ability to execute my job remotely.” As a 7-year ATP, Scott is no stranger to adapting to whatever situation he faces. “Colorado has opened up a little bit, but to make sure those clinic visits were going to be as efficient and productive as possible, two days before clinic and at the request of the doctor and the PT, I saw all of our patients virtually to get a good idea of what the cases were, what they were requesting. We recognize that healthcare itself right now is a finite resource, so we want to make sure that every visit there counted.”
Scott shares, “I have participated in telehealth evaluations where I was remote in Colorado Springs and the PT and patient were both in the clinic. One customer sticks out in my mind, she said, ‘I just appreciate your doing this.’ She understood we were trying to protect everybody. She said, ‘Thanks for being here and doing this and protecting us and not just abandoning us.’ I thought that was awesome. More recently, everyone is becoming more used to it and jumping on board. It’s the new normal.”
Numotion has telehealth wheelchair evaluations, home assessments, home wheelchair deliveries and final fitting (click links to watch short telehealth videos) services scheduled across the country. We are working with clinicians to limit the delay of mobility equipment getting to customers because of COVID-19. “By using telehealth we are promoting a safe environment and enabling social distancing for our customers, employees, and clinicians. Telehealth allows us to provide much needed services for our customers while collaborating with referrals. It’s a win-win.” said Scott.