We know your mobility and independence are critical to you. For those of you with open orders, please know that we continue to do everything we can in working with our suppliers to ensure timely delivery of your mobility equipment or parts needed for a repair. We may occasionally need to adjust a previously communicated delivery date as component delays continue. Thank you for using Numotion and for your patience as we all work through these highly challenging global supply chain issues. 

Numotion's COVID-19 
Response: What you Need to Know

ATP, Tom's passion for the MDA community and volunteering spirit began over 30 years ago. “I started attending the MDA summer camp as a camp counselor back in 1993,” said Tom. “Going to MDA camp is my reset for the year. It always falls around Father’s Day but my family understands; I spend Father’s Day with my camp kids.”

Intrigued by mobility after years of attending MDA camp, Tom began to learn more about the CRT industry and eventually transitioned his career to focus on his passion for mobility and helping others. Tom has been in the CRT industry for the past 15 years and an ATP for the last 10 years. “The greatest career move I made was coming to Numotion,” said Tom.

In his spare time, Tom helps support the MDA in any way he can, from bake sales, to telethons, to the annual MDA Muscle Walk. “For the last five years I have joined other members from our Dallas office on the MDA Team Momentum, which is a group that raises money and trains to run the Dallas Marathon as part of a relay team,” said Tom.

“A while back my wife and I also sponsored STAR Party for several years, an event with food, games and prizes at the Dallas telethon,” added Tom. “I have been involved with this organization for so long now; MDA is part of my soul.”