Numotion ATP, Xavier met customer Kailyn and her family at Clough Family Center for Rehabilitative and Sports Therapy. Kailyn is diagnosed with Trichothiodystrophy (TTD) a rare inherited condition that affects many parts of the body. The hallmark of this condition is brittle hair that is sparse and easily broken. More severe cases also cause delayed development, significant intellectual disability, and recurrent infections; severely affected individuals may survive only into infancy or early childhood.

After spending time with Kailyn, Xavier thought that she would benefit from the Go Baby Go program. He invited the Bennett family to the Numotion Nufair in Boston last fall, where Kailyn and her family were one of fifteen families that received a Go Baby Go modified power car.

Go Baby Go! is a program that integrates assistive technology, families, clinicians and industry partners, and offers a fun, temporary wheelchair alternative for children who aren't able to walk or need assistance.

Xavier said “When I asked Kailyn’s mom if she had noticed a difference in Kailyn since receiving her car she said that Kailyn has more interest in observing her surroundings- particularly while in motion. I think she is understanding how her world works a bit better. She is realizing that she can move to an object even if she cannot see it - she can only see a few feet away from her.  She’s also reaching more for objects that are next to her while she is stationary or moving.” 

“Kailyn’s story is a great example of the amazing work that Go Baby Go is doing to provide mobility to kids at a young age and I am happy to play a part in that,” said Xavier.