Numotion Customer Ambassadors Austin and his mom, Tabetha, share their back-to-school experience. 

Austin-and-tabetha_back-to-School_2.JPGAustin started 6th grade at the beginning of September. Before Austin’s return to school this year I was very nervous. I didn’t know what to expect with his needs changing. While I had confidence in his school army, it was honestly hard to send him to school and have him in the care of someone else. But, after our “first day jitters” I am feeling more confident.

I always knew his school would do their absolute best with him, but he was welcomed back with such love and acceptance that we have been blown away. It has been a great transition back-to-school. I am so happy with where he is this year and I can tell he is truly happy to be back with his teachers and friends.

Austin’s favorite part of school is making new friends and getting to see his old friends. While he is not a fan of the time his school starts, he is always excited to see his friends when he arrives.

Austin has a 1:1 aide throughout the school day and also has the same teacher he’s had for over 5 years now. Within their classroom there is another aid for the entire class and an interpreter for other deaf and hard of hearing children that all pitch in and help. The school nurse is also frequently part of Austin’s day and assists with various tasks.

Austin’s school day differs from others in many ways. First-Day-of-School.JPGFor one, he is now eating his breakfast and lunch at school through a G-tube. He also follows a more “flexible” schedule. He has times in which he does his work and places where he does his work, but he also needs frequent breaks. His team will often make judgements based on his mood and behavior throughout the day to determine when to continue working or when to take a break. Austin also receives several therapies throughout the week while he is at school. He has a whole team of therapists to help him rebuild his motor and communication skills.

I am most excited to see Austin back in such a social setting and enjoying his day around his friends. I am hoping to see Austin continue to grow throughout the year. I want him to maintain his happiness and continue to build relationships and build on his gross motor skills, fine motor skills, and communication skills. While I want him to regain skills that he previously had, as long as I know he is safe and happy, working on things and making the progress he is making, I know this will be a successful school year.
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Numotion Customer Ambassadors

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