Elizabeth (EB) is 43 years old, living in Littleton, Colorado. Before her injury, EB went to college in Boulder and graduate school in Denver and spent over 8 years in California working as a physical therapist. In an unfortunate turn of events in her late 30s, she dove headfirst into a swimming pool causing a severe spinal cord injury at the cervical level of her spinal cord leaving her a complete quadriplegic.
“Not being able to walk, run, feed myself, dress myself, or even take a sip of water presents many challenges that I must overcome daily, yet I have not let this turn of events stop me from enjoying and embracing life,” said EB. “This experience has made me a tougher human being yet softer in spirit and all the more adventurous discovering new ways on continuing my wanderlust from the auspices of a power wheelchair.”
EB has been working with Numotion for 6 years since her injury and describes her experience of working with Numotion as “fantastic.”
“My experience has been fantastic – I learned all of my experiences from positive workings with Numotion to my ATP – Ben Baca. He has assisted me not only in Colorado but while I've also been out of state traveling for work or personal reasons if I have a problem with my chair. He has always come to my aid, unequivocally and without pause. He is one of the main reasons I have remained with the company and why my experience has been so positive. He understands my situation which is being a full quadriplegic living alone and understands the need for immediate service as my life would depend on some of these items,” said EB.
For the last six years, EB has utilized the quantum edge power wheelchair that was prescribed through the therapists and wheelchair specialists at Craig Hospital and is looking forward to her new chair from Numotion.
“On my chair, I have an automatic leg bag drainer which allows me to drain my urine bag independently allows me to stay at home by myself without assistance which is crucial to my pursuit of independence as a quad. I am about to receive my new wheelchair from Numotion and this chair will have lights on it which will allow me to take my service dog out in the evening and night hours independently and safely. There are blinkers and hazards which will also help me navigate my local community safer and more effectively.”
During a time when it is hard to get out and feel safe, EB has been able to invite Numotion Service Technician, Nate, into her home thanks to Numotion’s COVID safety protocols. “I have been able to receive services in my home with social distancing and masking. Nate has been my go-to in-home helper from Numotion, he has been professional and safe and I trust him when he is here in my home helping me with my equipment,” said EB.
EB has not let her disability and injury stop her in her pursuit of things of interest before her injury. EB has become a professional writer for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation in New York City where she writes a twice-monthly blog. She is also a mentor on the national and local levels for the foundation as well as Craig Hospital. She manages a vacation rental up in the Vail Mountain area during the season and provides support to other persons with disabilities looking for service animals.
“So as you can see, I remain very busy on top of managing a staff of eight women who are my caregivers and personal assistants. I perform all these duties by myself with no assistance from family. I maintain as much of my independence as possible which is a reflection of who I was before the accident,” said EB.