Henry the “tinkerer” loves to sing, dance, play, and tinker with things! Living in Pittsburg, Kansas, Henry was diagnosed at 20 weeks gestation with severe Hydrocephalus; the accumulation of too much fluid in the brain and spinal cord that causes the head to rapidly swell and enlarge. He was born at 39 weeks at a whopping 14.3 lbs and with a head circumference of 64cm. After brain surgery at one day old and 26 days in the NICU, Henry is now a thriving 2-year-old.

Numotion has been a partner in Henry’s mobility journey since the beginning, providing him with a stander and now a manual wheelchair.

“Our Numotion team cannot be beaten. Henry’s ATP, Robert has always been so communicative with us and would do anything to get Henry moving. Henry is unable to sit up, have much head control, or crawl/walk. But the team realized that Henry had a ton of motivation and pushed for a manual style chair so that he could experience a different type of independence and we are so beyond happy that they did,” said Kayla, Henry’s mom.

A lot of things changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic but Kayla, Henry’s mom said that the communication and help she received from Numotion did not.

One tool Numotion offers to customers is the myNumotion app. The myNumotion app provides access to helpful information like the status of your service or equipment orders, self-pay estimates, and notifications of order status changes. Kayla used the myNumotion app when Henry’s stander was ordered and has since reactivated it as they wait for his wheelchair to be delivered. 

“I find the myNumotion app very useful and a breeze to use. The alerts have helped me to not check my email every 15 minutes. I am a loser-of-all-things so being able to get on the app and have Robert's address/contact info right there was super handy and appreciated. It was also nice having the "estimated self-pay" right there on the front page so we could know how much to save, and it fluctuated as the process went on so seeing the changes helped us plan financially,” said Kayla.

Henry’s wheelchair is going to be delivered soon, but he has already found greater independence and mobility with his temporary manual wheelchair. “The day we went in to get him measured we sat him in a manual chair, and he immediately knew what to do. He went straight for the wheels and his eyes lit up when he realized he could control the chair. It was like watching him take his first steps – my heart was so full,” said Kayla.