Hunter Baughman is 34 years old from Judsonia, Arkansas. Married to the love of his life, Andrea, they are expecting their first child in June of this year.

Hunter developed a form of bacterial meningitis when he was 9 months old. He had a temperature of 113 degrees and the doctor gave him a low survival rate. Surviving the fever, Hunter had both of his legs amputated below the knee, all his fingers on his left hand and partial fingers on his right.

For years, Hunter used prosthetics, but they hurt, and they weren’t for him. “Once I got my wheelchair from Numotion, I was able to have more mobility and freedom. With my collapsible chair I can easily load it in my truck, and it holds up to all my crazy outdoor activities,” said Hunter.

Heath Hager is Hunter’s Production Technician at Numotion. “Numotion and Heath have been a great help when I need to order new chairs or parts. The chair is an extension of myself and I am a very active person. My wheelchair can’t be down or I’m not able to get around. Numotion makes sure I have what I need to keep going.”

Hunter is a professional bass fisherman, a dream he has chased for a long time that has finally become a reality. His schedule can be very hectic at times being gone days or weeks at a time competing on the National Professional Fishing League. “When I’m out of state, my wheelchair has to work flawless or I will be left unable to be mobile,” said Hunter. “There have been times when my chair has broken right before I left town. Numotion and its technicians, especially Heath, are always there to help me get back going before I must leave. With their great customer service, it allows me to focus on my job and not worry about any issues with my chair.”

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