From the very first phone call with Numotion, Michael’s mom, Melody, knew things were going to be different. She never had the pleasure of working with professionals who were so knowledgeable and caring.
Michael primarily needs catheters from Numotion’s Medical Supply business. Representatives listened to Melody’s past frustrations and put together a plan to make sure her experience with Numotion was different than with past providers. They worked together to gain approval for catheters delivered in larger quantities each month. Now Michael never has to worry about running out — and Melody doesn’t have to pay out of pocket for small orders, which can be very expensive.
“These catheters aren’t just medical supplies to us — they are much needed tools which greatly improve Michael’s quality of life. Knowing that he is comfortable and dry all day, and no longer in danger of skin breakdowns, is a huge relief.”
- Michael’s mom