Tyler is thirty-six years old from Snohomish, Washington. Tyler is a C1 quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down from a diving accident in 2012. In the summer, Tyler enjoys skydiving, scuba diving, sunbathing and pretending he is Formula One race car driver as he tears through his property. In the winter he enjoys watching football, reading, and learning a new skill at least once per year.

Numotion has been a part of Tyler’s mobility journey for ten years. Tyler recalls his experience with Numotion starting like many, a traumatic injury that required a new form of mobility. “The tech at the hospital was amazing and is still a friend to this day. About a year or two after my injury, my wheelchair started to have trouble, so we called the local Numotion facility. At first, the wait was over two months even with the computer in my wheelchair malfunctioning and completely inoperable. Once I was able to communicate that my issue was going to keep me from having access to my wheelchair Barbara from Numotion, Lynwood did her best to expedite my service request and we were able to resolve the issue within a matter of weeks.”

Tyler is a dedicated expert in the assistive technology field. He serves as the President of the TSF Foundation, a non-profit organization focused on independence and assistive technologies. He is also a member of Numotion’s Customer Advisory Board where he shares his experiences and perspectives while also providing ideas and guidance resulting in lasting positive change both at Numotion and the CRT industry as a whole.

As an active peer mentor and technology expert, and “formula one race car driver,” Tyler finds greater independence and mobility with his wheelchair. “As someone who was paralyzed from the neck down, my wheelchair is my legs. It is incredibly difficult for me to be in bed as I feel that’s when I’m the most disabled. When I’m in my wheelchair I have access to my entire environment and can terrorize the neighbors as go whipping by as fast as possible.”