Meet Johnathan "Yotsai,” a community leader, actor, upcoming rapper, and father. Yotsai's journey took an unexpected turn on March 18, 2015, when a fateful encounter left him paralyzed from the stomach down, Yotsai said he decided not to let his disability define him but turn his circumstances into “light and spread great energy.”

Despite the challenges he faced, Yotsai found purpose in his role as a father. Custody of his daughter, Heaven, became his greatest joy and responsibility. As a single father in a wheelchair, every move, every word, carried weight, reminding him of the importance of resilience and perseverance.

As a Numotion customer since 2015, Yotsai said his experience working with Numotion and Numotion Medical Supplies has been great since day one. “I have always received my medical supplies on time, and have never had to call to reorder because, they would contact me a week or two before I run out to see if I’m running low on what I need,” said Yotsai.

Reflecting on the process of obtaining his wheelchair, Yotsai praises Numotion for its efficiency and smooth operation saying the respectful and responsive nature of the Numotion team stands out. “My Numotion team is great, they remind me of the NFL Kansas Chiefs the way they put in overtime to make their customers happy like we won the Super Bowl.”

For Yotsai, his wheelchair and catheter equipment make every day for him more independent. “Numotion gave me motion to get around when I had none,” said Yotsai. “My wheelchair helps me get around independently to cook, enjoy NBA games, perform on stage, shoot basketball with my daughter, check the mailbox, go on dates, and even record in front of a microphone in the studio,” said Yotsai. “Catheters have significantly contributed to my independence, allowing me to empty my bladder and maintain a clean and happy day.”

"As a father, an artist, and a voice in my community, independence is everything," Yotsai concludes. "With Numotion by my side, I am empowered to live life on my own terms, turning darkness into light, one day at a time."