It is time for the Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) ecosystem for service and repair to fundamentally change. The current model is inadequate and is contributing to a health equity issues for people with disabilities.
Four primary root causes:
  • Unnecessarily heavy administrative burden
  • Reimbursement models for service and repair are insufficient
  • No preventative maintenance reimbursement or backup equipment funding
  • Disconnect between what new equipment payors reimburse for and how customers use it

Five specific recommendations to address:
  • Eliminate need for a prescription and prior authorization for all repairs under $2000 
  • Reimburse for travel to perform service at customer’s home
  • Pay for preventative maintenance for “wear and tear” part replacement or backup parts
  • Manufacturers and Payors require CRT equipment providers to service products they provide
  • Align consumers and providers on guidelines for simple self-repairs

With these changes, we can create a system that provides safe, affordable, and timely service and repair while closing the health equity gap and allowing mobility and independence for those who utilize CRT.
Mike Swinford, Numotion CEO has published a whitepaper expanding on these root causes as well as the way to impact change. True reform is needed and Numotion is prepared to engage in any/all dialogue and actions to drive needed change.

Download the whitepaper