Caitlin joined Team Numotion three and a half years ago, training in Nashville before she moved to Springdale, Arkansas to be the sole Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) for that branch. Caitlin began her career as an Occupational Therapist at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. While there she had the opportunity to specialize in their seating and mobility clinic working directly with Numotion ATPs.

Caitlin first heard about being an ATP at Numotion while in OT school. Her program had a heavy emphasis on Assistive Technology and it immediately became something she gravitated towards. “I had the unique perspective of being the therapist first. As the therapist, I had the opportunity to work with vendors from all different companies but ultimately chose to work for Numotion for several reasons. I was seeking a company that I could grow with, a company that had a reputation for great customer service and a company that not only cared for its clients but also its employees. These are all things I saw in Numotion from an outsider’s perspective and I’m happy to report all these things to remain true today.”

As a working mom, Caitlin must juggle work life and home life. Caitlin has three kids: Quinn is 5, Colin is 3, and Colette is 3 months. “My work-life `balance and overall presence in my children’s life was a huge factor in my career change. Previously, I felt tied to a time clock… there wasn’t flexibility in my hours. Now don’t get me wrong, I have long days as an ATP. I travel quite a bit, but if I need to carve out an hour in the day for a school performance, or karate practice, or even just have lunch with my children it’s possible.”

Giving children a chance at independent mobility is the absolute best says, Caitlin. “I know I’m not supposed to play favorites, but my roots are in pediatrics…so I can’t help it. I can think of one kiddo that had lost the ability to propel his manual wheelchair. His mom said he was at the point of relying on friends/caregivers for everything,” said Caitlin. “We decided that it was time to move to a power wheelchair. He happens to go to school across the street from my house and every day I get to see him ‘outrunning’ his teachers and classmates in his new power chair. It’s a daily reminder that what we do as ATPs is truly life-changing!”

When asked about the best thing about her job Caitlin said, “I know discussing the need for a wheelchair can be overwhelming and sometimes not fun to talk about, but I tell people it’s just another tool in your toolbox. Use it to conserve energy, use it to go on walks again with your family, or simply get small parts of your life back. Providing children with independent mobility or giving mobility back to someone who had previously lost it is invaluable.”