Jeff joined Team Numotion in May 2009. His older brother was an Assistive Technology Professional (ATP) for Numotion and had spoken to him about a life-changing opportunity. He was approached by a Numotion branch manager about becoming a service coordinator. One of the most important roles we have here at Numotion.
From day one, the passion of his Teammates, and the appreciation of our customers continues to inspire him daily. Jeff now serves as Numotion’s Vice President of Customer Experience. “As the VP of Customer Experience, I get the opportunity to work daily with customers and teammates who may be struggling with an obstacle or celebrating a victory involved with supporting someone’s mobility. These are life-changing moments I am blessed to be a part of. Not sure it gets any better.”
Jeff said that each customer he serves has a special place in his heart and memory. One customer is Nick, an eighteen-year-old young man who lives with cerebral palsy.
“Nick’s chair needed repairs and those repairs were delayed due to authorization from insurance. Nick is extremely outgoing and wanted his freedom. Mom (Lisa) tried to calm him, and I intervened. I told her, I wanted to hear Nick and what he had to say was important to me. Nick had a voice! The Numotion team (always with Mom’s support) worked together, expedited parts, overcame insurance obstacles to receive timely authorization, prescheduled Nick's appointment, and we restored Nick’s mobility. We are extremely fortunate to have the advocacy, support, and transparent relationship with Mom (Lisa)!”
Nick, his mom, Jeff, and his Numotion team work together to keep Nick moving. Nick’s equipment has given him the freedom to go to school, attend prom, and sporting events, adventure out on his own, to be self-independent, and has given him the confidence to advocate for himself and acquire his first job.
In January of 2023, at our Virtual National Leadership Conference, Jeff was awarded Numotion’s most prestigious leadership award, the Trickett Wendler Award. This award is awarded to a leader who embodies positive and transformative leadership and whose influence helps Numotion to serve more customers more effectively.