Jeff has been in the Complex Rehab Technology industry for 35 years. Starting as an Occupational Therapist, Jeff decided to change his career path and become an ATP. “The ATP role fits my personality and my servants’ heart. It challenges me every day and is never boring!  I’ve been doing this for thirty-five years now. Thirty-four years with the same company,” said Jeff.

Serving customers is his driving force, Jeff said when asked what motivated him to work for Numotion. “Being part of a small startup company that grew from 4 employees to where we are now is just amazing. Chesapeake Rehab
to ATG to Numotion. It has been and still is a wild ride.”

When asked what his favorite thing about his job is, “Helping and serving people. For me, my favorite customers are the ones who, against all odds, get up every day go to work and live as independently as possible. Those customers are the ones that I call my heroes.”

Jeff met Numotion customer, Brooke earlier this year. Brooke had been diagnosed with ALS at the age of thirty-three and needed a custom wheelchair. “Brooke is very energetic and eager to tell her story, but she was also apprehensive about moving to such a big power wheelchair. Brooke shares her story by adding humor and keeping it upbeat. That is how I went into the evaluation, keeping it light and matching her emotional lead.”

“I don’t think there is anything that will hold Brooke back. She is a force to be reckoned with. I’m just proud to watch her shine. The chair and the service Numotion provides for her is just a tool to keep her going wherever she wants to. Her possibilities are endless. “