Kieara is a Billing and Collections Coordinator at Numotion and is also mom to five-year-old Kania. “I have known about Numotion for the past five years now on a personal level since Kania was diagnosed with cerebral palsy,” said Kieara. “Before Kania was born I was in school for medical coding and billing but had to drop out because of her health issues.”
While managing to care for her five children and take Kania to and from Kennedy Krieger for physical and occupational therapy several times a week, Kieara somehow found the time to go back to school and finish her degree. “After graduation I did my externship at Numotion,” said Kieara. “I was hired off of my externship in the billing department where I have been since.”
When asked how she juggles her career, children and Kania’s health, Kieara said, “I take one day at time. It’s not always easy but I try to spend alone time with each of my kids. I manage my time as best I can.”
Kieara knows how important it is to advocate for Kania to get the assistance and equipment she needs to live a full and happy life. In fact, she began advocating for her daughter even before she was born. “Even when she was in my womb and I was told she wasn’t going to be a typical child I never saw her as anything but normal,” said Kieara. “I don’t look at Kania and see all of her health issues and question why this is happening to us. Kania is so strong and can do and be anything she wants.”
Thanks to Kieara’s determination and due diligence on every aspect of her daughter’s diagnosis, Kania has been given opportunities she was once told wouldn’t be possible. “We all have hurdles in life,” said Kieara. “We work through them as best we can. I believe Kania’s life came with a purpose.”