Jamilah Ray was diagnosed with CIDP in 2021. CIDP stands for Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy. CIDP is an autoimmune disorder where the immune system attacks the nerves' protective covering, leading to weakness and sensory issues, usually starting in the legs, and spreading to the arms. Despite the challenges, Jamilah remains passionate about life, loving to dance, sing, crochet and do anything that has to do with food, music, and travel.

In August 2023, Jamilah embarked on a new journey with Numotion. She was fitted for a new chair, eagerly anticipating the newfound freedom it would bring. The process went smoothly, with her chair arriving in January 2024, opening the door to new possibilities.

"My Numotion team was kind and helpful throughout the process,” said Jamilah Ray. “I appreciate that everyone has been helpful and there when I need them.” The online status check feature provided convenience, keeping her informed about the progress of her chair and insurance approval.

Jamilah Ray’s new equipment has had a significant impact on her life. With enhanced mobility, she could navigate her surroundings with ease, experiencing newfound independence in her daily activities. “I get around so much better! I can move for longer without getting super tired,” said Jamilah Ray. “It makes going places alone much better.”