Eight-year-old Noah lives in Pittsburgh, PA with his parents, little sister, and five dogs. Born with Escobar syndrome, a condition that poses physical hurdles, Noah lives life with infectious enthusiasm.

One of Noah's favorite things to do is make people smile. He loves cracking jokes, making art, and playing drums. Fueled by a passion for the drums, Noah joined the school band. He also shares his 'taste test' stories featuring international foods with his following on Instagram (@noah_does).

Noah has been a Numotion customer since he was three years old working closely with his Numotion team but especially Jeff. “Jeff is a wonderful ally to our son (and family) by ensuring Noah’s chair is serviced and repaired in a timely way. Having an optimally functioning wheelchair empowers Noah to be an active, independent, and included member of his community— all of which is of tremendous importance to us,” said Noah’s mom, Michaela.
When Noah received his power chair, he customized his fenders (they have Looney Tunes on them) making Noah feel like the true owner of his chair. He has gone on to add other decorations like Pittsburgh Pirates pennants, too. “We appreciated that Numotion took the time to walk Noah through all of his chair features— both functional and for safety— to ensure he is getting optimal use out of his wheelchair!”
With his wheelchair, Noah participates in all kinds of activities. He became known as the "speedster" in his neighborhood, zipping around the streets, challenging his mom to races, and waving at everyone he passed, spreading joy and laughter.